ICT R&D, Innovation and Standards Consulting since 1990

DATSA Belgium (Dbe) was established in 1990 and has been working since on ICT projects covering R&D, Innovation and Standards related Consulting. In 2018 the IDEA-lab (IoT Development of Equipment and Applications lab) was established. The IDEA-lab hosts the IDA-lab, the IoT & Data Acquisition lab, set-up to support SiMPLInext SA (Neuchatel, CH).


Dbe is associated with activities in the USA (a.o. Muniskies.com, Armatech.net) and is working together with Custom Electronics Inc.
The IDA-lab, set-up to support SiMPLInext SA and hosted and operated by the IDEA-lab, has taken responsibility for the development of the  ‘CoMPLI’ product family of ICT laboratory equipment and software for SiMPLInext, supporting SiMPLInext’s unique SiMPLI in vitro test system  product family. The combination of SiMPLI and CoMPLI products provides ‘IoL’, ‘Incubator-on-Line’ TEER measurements while in an incubator, enabling  autonomous and automated TEER measurements. The CoMPLI product line is part of an overall lab-IoT (‘Lab 4.0′) strategy.

The SiMPLI and CoMPLI product families obtained the SSI Trademark ®

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Dbe is currently involved in the development of energy related project proposals, for which it has provided advanced ideas.

Dbe has been involved in projects for, a.o., EDF, CEN, Telecom Italia, the EC and ETSI, and in numerous European R&D projects. Dbe is active member of Water Europe, formerly WssTP, the European Water Technology Platform. 

Dbe is working together with members of EPoSS and ETSI EP eHEALTH.

We are looking for partnerships with

  • Micro-manufacturing,
  • Production automation,
  • Integration of electronics and smartness,
  • Coexistence, co-operation & integration with complementary products.

DATSA Belgium sprlBE 0442.058.890

Wielewaallaan 16

3010 Leuven (Kessel-Lo)


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