Measures for the ‘tail’ of COVID-19

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Measures for the ‘tail’of the COVID-19 pandemic that make sense:

  • Vaccinate as much as possible
  • Keep testing, using random and targeted testing: for example, testing everyone every day in schools and offices is a very good measure
  • Continue to disinfect and as much as possible wear facemasks
  • Follow the overall virus presence evolution with wastewater testing
  • Find virus ‘hotspot’ locations by taking samples of, for example, wastewater from cleaning, in shopping centres, supermarkets, stations . .
  • continue to do contact tracing, also with the ‘corona apps’, and expand to record visited locations to help contact tracing to follow the virus spread and sequence samples

With regard to measures in general: these are the result of taking into account all considerations, and do not automatically follow scientific advice.

Concerning scientific advice, it is not very helpful if e.g. RIVM Netherlands), RKI (Germany), Institut Luis Pasteur (France), Sciensano (Belgium), etc., come up with different advices: the differences between these countries are minimal (obviously these institutes are apprehensive of publishing advice that seems to deviate from the chosen policy)

As for the tradeoffs, we’ve known for a long time that a really safe distance between people is about 8 metres; but it should be clear that if you impose this as a measure, there will no longer be a train or bus in operation, and shops can hardly remain open; keeping a distance of 8 meters indoors is not easy either. . .

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